Industrial Hose

Industrial hoses are used in various industries and their applications are very broad. Some industries that commonly use industrial hoses include: Aircraft, Chemical, Petroleum, exploitation of fire engines, Marine / Industry, Military, Food Industry, Water / Flow, Dock / O.S. & D, Dredgers and Couplings / Accessories.

There are many types of hoses and fittings to suit any purpose or application. These range from very small hoses like garden hoses that are commonly seen, to large diameter hoses and hydraulic hoses.

Industrial hoses are made from the most suitable material for any application. Some hoses can be made of soft PVC and are only used for light work, while other large hoses for heavy industrial applications can be reinforced with steel.

Due to various types of hoses and applications, there are also a variety of clamps and fittings and other hose-related accessories that may need to be considered when installing a complicated or even simple hose system. Some of these accessories can include: Air fittings: Cam lock fittings: Push-in fittings, Band-it clamps: Tap clamps: Screw clamps, Metal: Hydraulic: Ducting: PVC, Gauges, Hoses: Hose reels and Gaskets: Valves.

Industrial hoses are vital equipment in several industries, for example; They can be used to transport important substances such as petroleum, gas and even hot tar. Other heavy duty applications include transporting dry cement, sand and mud.