Oil and Gas Industry

The increasing demand and limited supply of these two fuels means that the oil and gas industry faces many difficult challenges in the next decade and beyond, making it a very attractive sector to break down.

Oil and gas work is a large part of the job market in the UK, with positions ranging from the roles facing customers in public relations to commissioning work and project management work in the global arena. Ensuring safe supplies to countries that depend on oil and gas for their economic prosperity is a difficult challenge that the oil and gas industry must face by depleting supply and more and more countries are becoming increasingly dependent every day. Perhaps not surprisingly this has led to a large amount of project management work in small countries where the emphasis is on working with people and securing their future in terms of cleaner and more sustainable fuel production.

Whatever your discipline, from engineering to geology and exploration techniques, there are positions in the oil and gas industry to accommodate your skills. Much of the oil and gas work will require a basic understanding of the challenges facing the industry today and some will form a platform for beginning solutions to these problems. Being part of the solution to global problems is the toughest challenge the industry has ever faced is what makes starting a new career in the oil and gas industry attractive to many people.

Providing oil and gas supplies to consumers throughout the world may involve multiple trips to ensure reliable and clean supplies. Depending on your role, it could also involve working in harsh environments such as offshore drilling work in the North Sea to supply energy on land to meet the high demand from the UK alone.

The main areas of work in the oil and gas industry are: Exploration drilling and production, Construction and fabrication work, Engineering and research, Plumbing and maintenance work and Equipment supply.

Each field has many positions available. Having a degree in your chosen occupation in this industry will certainly give you the best benefit because so many vocational degrees involve training and practical experience. Whether you are looking for engineering project work or mechanical work, a background in engineering will give you good benefits in the oil and gas industry and give entrepreneurs confidence that you are able to meet the needs of this global sector. However, even without technical or related qualifications, there are now more ways to enter the oil or gas sector than before, and those with human management skills are equally welcoming to those who have previously been involved in installation and pipeline work in unrelated sectors industry.