Conveyor Belts With Choppers

A conveyor belt is indispensable in many industries. Conveyor belts are used primarily for transporting. In assembly-line operations, conveyor belts also are used in conjunction with other systems. Value addition occurs all along the path at different stages.

The food-processing industry is a billion-dollar industry that adds value to agricultural products with or without any conversion processes. Agricultural products are packaged after simple processes such as dry-freezing. For instance, vegetables are dried through processes that enhance the life of them. Other products are processed through different stages and come out as processed items. For instance, meat goes through several stages, such as cooking, deboning and crushing, before it is finally packed.

The value chain of food processing industries varies for different products. In general, the processes are cleaning, sterilizing, cooking, cutting and vacuum packing. The food processing industry employs many types of equipment and machinery. Equipment can be classified as rendering devices, sterilizing equipment, material handling devices, packaging equipment and laboratory equipment. The machinery depends upon the type of foods processed, such as meat and vegetables.

Foods such as meat and vegetables need to be cut after processing through different stages. Various devices such as cutters, choppers and dicers are used to do this. Choppers are placed along the conveyor belts. This improves the efficiency of the operation. Choppers of various sizes can be obtained from different vendors of food-processing equipment. Knives and cutters can be used directly on the belt surface itself. Belts that are cut-resistant are used in these conveyor belt systems.

The choice of equipment can be customized according to the needs of the food processor. Many vendors provide turnkey solutions for food-processing needs.