Millwright Companies – Employee Job Description

Employees of millwright companies do repair work and installations on big industrial machines. They are called millwrights. They do the repair and install the equipment that are used in machine shops and manufacturing facilities. The millwrights would be the ones that would decide where the large equipment would go in the manufacturing facility and oversee the process of installation. They may also conduct test runs, assemble parts, and fine-tune the finished jobs. The millwright is the person that the factory will call to troubleshoot problems and then they will make repairs or replace the parts that are not working or damaged. Some have specialized in certain machinery but most millwrights have a broad understanding of various types of equipment. This can include assembly line robots, big electricity generators, and wind turbines.

To work for millwright companies they have to have a high school diploma. Some will not hire a millwright unless they have completed the two-year training program at a community college or vocational school. When they are new at the job, they will generally work for four to five years as an apprentice. During this period, they will learn the job firsthand and will also assist other established millwrights. Once they have enough experience and prove their abilities they will be allowed to do bigger projects.

Most will work for construction companies and big manufacturing companies. Some may work with private distributors for heavy machinery or open their own contracting business. When working in this field a millwright has to make sure that all of the parts of the machinery are correctly installed. They must also be kept in good working order. Both of these are necessary to ensure the safety of the workers using the machinery and to preserve the expensive machinery.

When a facility needs a new piece of machinery or equipment millwright companies will send out a millwright to do the consultation and make recommendations. The millwright will then supervise the whole process. They will conduct a safety inspection at the factory to determine where the new machines should be placed. Once the machinery has arrived at the factory the millwright will check the blueprints to make sure that are the pieces are there so the machine can be installed correctly.

Some of the other jobs that a millwright might use their expert skills on can include:

• Supervise crane operators and other construction workers when putting the machine in place

• Install and service turbines, assembly line machinery, power generators, machinist tools, mining devices, and other various heavy equipment.

• Take careful measurements and use precision tools when assembling sensitive or spall parts.

• Make fine adjustments on finished projects

• Ensures that the equipments is working correctly